NIKHIL BHATIA (Certified Laravel Expert)

Nikhil Bhatia

Web Consultant | Certified Laravel Expert

Yes, I’ll help your idea grow into reality with my expertise in Web development, I just love it! Love to solve problems! 


You got some ideas to implement on the cloud, I’m here, I’ll help you grow that idea into reality with my expertise in Laravel! I’ve great experience in implementing business and strategic logic on the cloud – may it be data analytics, any kind of management system, CRM, eCommerce, blog, or anything.

You got some bugs/issues with your website/server, I’m here, I can help you solve that problem. Just love solving problems in the field.

You wanna optimize your website performance, I can help you with that as well.

You want to develop a branding website for your brand/organization, I’m here.

You want Mobile application development, I can help you with that.

You want a complete packagewebsite, mobile apps, branding, mailing, SEO, everything for your brand, I do that as well!


Laravel, PHP, PHP-Office/Spreadsheet, DOM-PDF/mPDF, DataTables, MySQL, WordPress, WooCommerce, PSD to HTML/PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Ajax, OAuth, TDD, 100s more.

Laravel Expertise in,

Eloquent ORM, Events & Listeners, Cache, Laravel-Permissions, Laravel Passport, Laravel Queues, Cache, Laravel Cashier, Laravel Scout, Laravel-Excel, Laravel-MediaLibrary, Package Development, and much more. Let’s talk more on WhatsApp




epronitor is basically an IoT product with the objective of analytics and data-monitoring, of which I ‘m responsible for the software part and I created it from scratch including the APIs for mobile applications in association with Autosoft Solution. The software is built on Laravel framework and is been used by 100s of clients regularly.

It deals with Industrial meters, may it be of Production or Energy or Temperature (of anything), and makes them analyzable and monitorable online. It provides various features like Live Monitoring, Graphical Analysis (like Single Line Diagrams, Bar charts, Line Charts, Donut Charts and many more), Customizable Efficiency Analysis, Run/Stop Analysis, Automatic daily completely user-customizable reports,  and much more.

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stocksnbills is an inventory analytics system which provides various analysis including predictive analysis on an inventory of an organization. The software is built on the Laravel framework and is currently under beta version.

The software comes with analytical features like Basic Stock Register – to audit a stock across multiple organizations, Predictive engines for daily/weekly/monthly product sales, Automatic daily completely customizable reports on sales/purchases, Stakeholder (Supplier/Customer/Transport/etc) related analytics, Product Analytics, Inventory Management, CRM, Various orders management (like invoicing, billing, returns, etc.), and many more.

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The Global Fashion Studio is an eCommerce website based on WordPress to sell Kurtas/Kurtis, Lehngas, Sarees and various other products. I developed it for my client Global Fashion Studio (based in Surat).


The Absolute Store showcases the products they sell and allows the customer to inquire for their quotations, right from the product page. It was developed in association with Patistic Innovations. The website is built on the Laravel framework and provides an interactive admin-panel for the client to manage the website.


I received MyWholeHealth from an Upwork client, for various updates and debugging work. MyWholeHealth is built on the  Laravel framework, and I helped the client solve 100s of bugs and add various updates to it.


Like, MyWholeHealth, I received Asdani as well from an Upwork client, for various updates and debugging work. Asdani also is built on the  Laravel framework, and I helped the client solve 100s of bugs and add various updates to it.


I’m managing the development of SpicyBe Android App with my associated android developers, I work as a mediator between client and developer so that I can understand both side’s requirements and result in the best possible solution for both the parties. I help the client, implement the exact feature they require, and I help the developer get the required APIs from client’s web-developer in a well-fashioned manner.


I was provided designs of QuickCode in image formats, and I was asked to convert it to HTML, and thus work of Image to HTML (or PSD to HTML) was done here in association to Patistic Innovations


Curex is an informative HTML based website for curex, developed in association with Autosoft Solution.


Like epronitor, WiseWeave is also an IoT based analytics and monitoring product under Autosoft Solution and is currently under development.


Dj Ankit Mumbai wanted a website where he can publish his collection of songs, to gain publicity and for ease of access which was developed based on the Laravel framework showcasing his portfolio including an interactive admin panel to manage the website. But unfortunately, the project was later discontinued by the client.